Scott S. Fisher
Scott S. Fisher

Fields of Interest:

  • Interactive Art & Media Technology
  • Immersive Virtual Environments and Technologies of Presence
  • Mobile Multimedia and Location-based Services
  • Stereoscopic Imaging
Brief Bio

Scott S. Fisher is a media artist and interaction designer whose work focuses primarily on interactive environments and technologies of presence. Known for his pioneering work in the field of Virtual Reality at NASA, Fisher's media industry experience also includes Atari, Paramount, and his own companies Telepresence Research and Telepresence Media. A graduate of MIT's Architecture Machine Group (now Media Lab), he has taught at MIT, UCLA, UCSD, and was a Project Professor at Keio University in Japan. He is currently Professor and Chair of the Interactive Media Division in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. His work has been internationally recognized through numerous invited presentations, professional publications and in the popular media. In addition, he has been an Artist in Residence at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies and his stereoscopic imagery and artwork has been exhibited in the US, Japan and Europe.

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